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Survivors of TBI , in 2nd Life

Born in 1951, a lifelong Martial Artist, and dog trainer, I was run over by a truck in Feb. of 2004. Every bone on the left side of my body was shattered, and I was thrust into a 5 1/2 week coma. I entered Second Life to try to use it as therapy. I grew in sl.(Note* once a resident of 2nd life, sl is the virtual world, while rl refers to real world. I run a group for Martial Artists(Harmonious Society of Peaceful Fist). I work with virtual dogs of every them to perform. Most important of all was my dream, which has come true! I have started a center in sl, for Victims of traumatic brain injury, and friends, family, and supporters. Come to sl, and search under TBI. Here at the center we use virtual dogs for education, fun, and therapy. This group is called Survivors of TBI For information about this beautiful opportunity, go in world, and talk with Vitolo Rossini.    I have just come up with a remarkable theory. The reason for why sl levels the playing field a bit. We survivors of TBI talk together with each other. I realized that we are patient with sl “lag” and with sl‘s “crashing” because we are already used to “lagging” and “crashing” in rl. You would be surprised how similar this is to what we experience during overload….Cognitive Fatigue.  SL is excellent therapy. One can experience “virtually” anything, since all is possible in world. But…rl‘s complications are replaced by a separate set of complications, in sl (technical and learning computer jargon). If a TBI Survivor fails at an sl endeavor… failure begets failure. Success on the other hand begets success! It is our roles as TBI Survivors and as Supporters to mentor and guide other survivors to find areas of sl in which they can succeed, and then thrive in. Help others discover “thier sl”. Once a person finds “thier sl“, because it is thier niche, they will find joy, and thereby be successful. Success at efforts in sl builds self confidence. This self assuredness goes with us… It is carried over as a new inner strength in rl endeavors.   I would Love your feedback, or when “in world” look for me. Come see our center. It is located at Dogland Park in Rhoda. Visit the spacious beachside Dogland Dog Park below.  Ask also to see a demo of the Virtual Dogs. See you soon!


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  1. Hello – Thank you for all that you are doing for survivors of TBI AND dogs through Second Life…geeze – how brilliant!

    My name is Erin. I am dog trainer myself and in the second year of my MSEd in Applied Behavior Analysis. (You can see a bit about what I do and who I am on the web url provided above).

    Just last night, after getting a really fun hair cut from a friend here in Providence, RI, I was out mingling and received word that one of my favorite people ( a childhood friend of me and my husband ) was injured in a serious car crash last weekend and is experiencing some serious brain swelling.

    Currently, I have no further details about our friend Jason’s situation, but have been actively researching TBI since then. Strange, I just started a course in Legal and Ethical Issues in A.B.A. this past Tuesday evening in Boston, MA and discovered that our professor is employed in a TBI treatment center as well. While I can present some of these questions to him, I am very interested in learning more about :
    1. historical trends in the treatment and diagnosis of TBI
    2. New technology in the area of TBI
    3. Challenges and opportunities in teaching life skills to survivors of TBI.

    Where is your center located?

    Do you have any recommended reading, media, or leads that you might advise me to connect to?

    More of my contact info is available on my website if you are interested in contacting me – It would be an honor to hear from you.

    Wags and winks,
    Erin Cooney-Lefort

    Comment by Erin Cooney-Lefort | January 31, 2008 | Reply

  2. Hi Vitolo,
    I am interested in providing encouragement to our veterans and the soldiers who have been wounded while protecting our great country. Additionally, I am interested in providing practical information and insight to assist their families. My name is Craig J. Phillips. I am an alumnus of Oral Robert’s University Class of 1985, an alumnus of the University of Kentucky, graduate program in Rehabilitation Counseling Class of 1990, and a traumatic brain injury survivor. I sustained an open skull fracture with right frontal lobe damage and remained in a coma for 3 weeks at the age of 10 in August of 1967. I underwent brain and skull surgery after waking from the coma. Follow-up cognitive and psyche / social testing revealed that I would not be able to succeed academically beyond high school. In 1967 Neurological Rehabilitation was not available to me, so I had to teach myself how to walk, talk, read, write and speak in complete sentences. I completed high school on time and went on to obtain both my undergraduate and graduate degrees. For an in depth view of my process please read my post,
    Through out my lifetime I developed strategies to overcome many obstacles and in so doing I have achieved far beyond all reasonable expectations. On February 6, 2007 at the encouragement of a friend I created Second Chance to Live. Second Chance to Live, which is located at presents topics in such a way to encourage, motivate and empower the reader to live life on life’s terms. I believe our circumstances are not meant to keep us down, but to build us up. As a traumatic brain injury survivor, I speak from my experience, strength and hope. As a professional, I provide information to encourage, motivate and empower both disabled and non-disabled individuals to not give up on their process. Please read my post, My interest is to provide encouragement, hope, motivation and empowerment to survivors and their families. Please encourage your readers to visit Second Chance to Live at and consider adding Second Chance to Live to your web site as a useful resource and placing a notice in your newsletter.
    Thank you for your time and kindness.
    Have a simply phenomenal day!
    Craig J. Phillips MRC, BA
    Second Chance to Live

    Comment by secondchancetolive | March 17, 2008 | Reply

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